elusive peace

i find it increasingly difficult to write here because i want so very much to be able to write about peace taking root somewhere. i keep coming back because i see it as a challenge to me as a human being on this planet to help create peace by creating peace within. let's just say- it's a challenge.

i suppose that the one spark of hope that keeps any hope alive inside is the fact that i know that people are capable of great compassion and caring- and peace. we have had millions of people throughout history build extensive empires and live with one another in peace. here, in this country of america, we have not had a major war within our borders since the civil war. most of us have grown up never knowing real violence or fear. that is fortunate- but the unfortunate piece is that many of our cities across america are inner city war zones. the world stage is even bleaker.

i haven't figured out- and probably won't- why some people find it easy to torture and kill other human beings. why whole groups of people can slaughter others without any remorse. the creationists believe that our souls separate us from the other animals- that god gave us these souls because we are somehow 'special'. i would posit the theory that it's our lack of soul that separates us- and if we were made in god's image- i am glad i am an athiest.


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