a letter abroad

man! looking back over the last 15 years or so of my life, there are so many things that i honestly never ever thought i would live to see. and i am 37. it makes my head spin- and after the last few weeks- i am sure many folks are having the same sensation. and i am sure, like me, they are wishing a few heads would roll. alas, i don't think i will live to see that (and no, i am not dying. i hope to live a long and productive life). being an american, i guess i am still at the point where i wonder what the hell is wrong with my fellow americans. and i can only imagine what foreign folks looking in must think. and i guess i would like them to know that not all of us allowed this to happen.

if i could reach the whole world, i would like them to know that there are those of us who are truly sorry for the state of affairs we all find ourselves in. apologizing seems so small compared to the great harm that america has inflicted on the rest of the globe. what i want the people of the world to know is that there are those of us who are not bible thumping, creationist believing, greedy, selfish, grasping, power hungry, self righteous, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic nightmares with god complexes and a lust for empire. there are few of us compared to the 20 percenters who are hardlined and hardonned for bush/mccain- there are few of us compared to the 20 percent or so who follow the nancy pelosi philosophy of greed and appeasement. but we are out there. and we predicted what would happen and we continue to see how things are going- and for that i am sorry.

the few of us cannot change the will of the majority. that isn't how our government is set up. it was at one time- but not any longer. the best we can do is sow seeds of freedom and revolution and truth- and i fear that it will be up to the foreign folks to reign in our wayward corporatocracy. apparently, we, the people, have lost the will to fight.


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