A letter to Mr.Bush from a Mom on Mainstreet....

Dear Mr.Bush,
I know you will never read this letter, and that you don't read much period. I don't care I am still going to write it, because I Vote and I pay Taxes. I am horrified at what you have done to this Country, OUR Country. I know you ran your two Drilling Businesses into the Ground, Arbusto and Harken, but you had your Daddy and his friends bail you out. So I guess "Bailing " is always viewed by you as a Solution. See I am a mom, a single mom and a nurse. I know you don't respect Single Moms, you have made that clear in your speeches and in your Laws. I work hard, but I don't make much and I do take care of my son and I have never asked Anyone for a Dime. Most Single Moms I know work really hard.....

And now we learn that these Huge Corporations and Banking Entities on Wall Street have made mistakes and mismanaged their Monies and Investments. And you sent Mr "Hank" Paulson to the Hill today to explain to Hurry Up and Sign paperwork basically giving him total Control over 700 Billion Dollars. Personally I have trouble with trusting Men with Sandbox Names ( ie, Scooter). He came to the Hearing today, and I realized he has only been Director of the Treasury for 22 Monthes. He must miss Goldman Sachs, and His 38 Million /year CEO job, and his role Running Board Meetings. But he treated our Senators like they were disgruntled employees he could badger, he was arrogant and short sighted. I know it is hard to live on 300 Million Dollars and have any Comprehension of Someone like me that lives below poverty level.

I watched him field Questions about WHY there was no Oversight Proposed, No Auditing, and no Regulatory observances.And in his 3 pages of The Plan, there are 32 WORDS that make Mr.Paulson a Czar of this massive amount of money. I am confused that he worked at Goldman Sachs just 22 monthes ago, he did not see ANY Problems on the Horizon , especially after the Bearn Stearns Failure ? And the Other 11 Banks that already Failed ? And there were NO other Warnings or Economists voicing Concerns, even after watching Commercial Properties Fail En Masse and 9000 Families Lose their Homes a day to Foreclosure.

And then I watched you go to the UN while The Bailout Hearings were going on and the Stock Market again was like watching a cat weave between rockers on a summer porch. It is a Labile Market driven by Nerves and Rumors at this point. So you, Our Failed President go to the UN, and there you attempt to strong arm our Elected Reps by laying the Whole Financial Drama before the UN. How Unpresidential of you to go there and Air Our Very Dirty Broken Laundry. I am surprised you did not go there and just hold our your hand and maybe even shed a few crocodile tears as part of your performance.

See Here is the Thing, YOU and YOUR administration are asking People like me,moms, and dads and families that are struggling to just put food on the table and take care of our kids and our folks. People are struggling, 47 Million Plus without Health Insurance, 50 Million Underinsured ( and facing Huge Medical Bills), and 27 Million living in Poverty, and 15 Million are children.These People that are already hurting and stretched too thin and eating noodles and turning off Utitlities and selling their belongings are supposed to Bailout the WallStreet CEO's ? So they can get their Multi Million Dollar Severance Packages and escape to the Cayman Islands ?

Mr.Bush we have already Experienced Under Your Failed Leadership An Illegal War and all the damages that brings, the Devastation of Katrina, Rita and IKE, and now you have Devastated our Financial System....and we learned tonight you and your Administration 6 monthes ago that there were problems, and you did NOTHING. And now you want Money from us, all of us and Our Children. That means you KNEW all summer that there Massive Trouble on the Horizon and you did Nothing. Like when you got the August 6th Memo in 2001 warning of Trouble and you did Nothing. I wonder, is there a Financial Memo that warned of this Wallstreet Disaster, I bet there were MANY.

Tonight we learn that there are FBI Investigations regarding Potential Fraud at Management Levels at Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And yet the paperwork that Mr.Paulson brought forth had 32 words that would have prevented ANY Investigations, Criminal or otherwise. So we are supposed to give money to coverup these Possible Crimes and Bailout the Possible Perpetrators ?

These 32 WORDS would have prevented ANY Investigation:
"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

Mr.Bush you know Nothing of Mainstreet and What is happening to Real People In this Country. You need to stop your Motorcade and look at the People and the Suffering that you have Inflicted on this country. This is not a Golf Game, there are NO Mulligans and No One to Bail Us, We The People.... Out. 8000 Families a day lose their Homes, they Know the Truth there is Something Wrong here In America and No One is Bailing them out.

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Dear Mr.President by PINK:


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