my country 'tis of thee

america is not a peaceful country. our streets run with the blood of americans killed by fellow americans daily. we round up people who come to this country for a better life and detain them indefinitely with militarized ice units. our police resemble military platoons as they beat and taze fellow americans for protesting wrongs against humanity- indeed, break into private residences without warrants and seize property illegally.

whether we like it or not- we are at war with each other. the ideological divide cannot be bridged this time because it isn't about haves and have nots or red versus blue. it is about a deeply entrenched corporatocracy that views citizens as enemies. what saddens me- is that our fellow americans- our neighbors; our friends; our family members- are participating in this. they believe that this is their job- that they are following orders. they are ceasing to view fellow americans as fellow human beings.

i wish i could write a peaceful post- but i cannot. for that i am sorry.


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