the american civil war part 2

i have been writing and highlighting the ugly racist actions that have been surfacing lately in part to bring to the forefront the part that politics plays in it. the republicans have long been known to engage in race baiting and stoking the hatred of their 'base' and i guess i am just glad that so very many people- right and left are denouncing that. colin powell added his name to the list this week of folks endorsing barack obama for president. in doing so, he decried the direction that his party has taken in policy and politics and called the mccain campaign out for it's racist tactics.

and he was promptly and roundly denounced as a traitor.

racism has existed in this country since it was a colony of england- so that's not a surprise. my biggest question is- what are we going to do after the election? it is clear that this election is being labeled the most important of any in our history- and there is much rage and hatred bubbling up and spilling over- not just at people of color, but at anyone who does not agree with the neo con agenda and worldview. since this is growing into the majority of americans- and these angry, hate filled people are our neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc.- what are we going to do? how are we going to live side by side with each other knowing that there are people out there who hate us and want us to disappear? it's a scary thought but as things get tougher- it may be one we need to give some serious thought to.

obama supporters cars vandalized

cartoonist depicts powell as benedict arnold- in blackface

limbaugh: powell endorsed obama because he's black

'liberals hate america'- north carolina representatives to congress

america's cracker problem


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