The Johnny McMaverick Is Stuck in the Fifties...

For many of us that grew up in the Sixties it was a time where we all learned to value What and Who we are as a Nation. The Civil Rights Era was about appreciating People, ALL People. It was also about learning What hurts people, what devalues people, and yes, what Words Incite Violence when people are angered and hurting. And sadly John McCain has shown us in some ways that he is trapped in another era, the Fifties.

I have watched much of his campaign and I have been struck that he many of his tactics, the inuendo, the smearing and the slurring would have been employed in the Fifties and even been embraced as Patriotic. The Bomb Shelter Mentality would have appreciated his Grandaddy-Will-Protect-You-from-The-Unknown Routine.

He has painted himself as a War Hero that is above any Questions about his Conduct or Behavior. But this same shield that he has falsely created for himself, also allows him to insinuate that Others are Suspect, perhaps even Not Safe. Even though the person he is smearing as Unacceptable is a United States Senator that has served this Country , Our Country for half of his life.
Senator Obama has been a Lawyer, taught Constitutional Law, and worked to help All People in his Community. John McCain has falsely attempted to change the definition of Patriotism, implying that ONLY Military Service is Valued. Not Community Service.

A part of me wonders, is that because Community Service involves all layers of the Country, all strata, all classes, all colors, and all economic levels. Does John McCain appreciate ALL people , or only ones in a uniform , or ones that have also have wealth ?

McCain and Palin have even tried to paint False Relationships using the Terror Card in an inappropriate way, thinking that this will give them some kind of Leg up in the Campaign. HOW does that work ? Ginning up Anger and Hate based on False Stories and Lies is going to make people Vote for the Smearers? Do they really think that Americans are so stupid that they want to Vote for Another Lying Bully ?

On another level, I worry does he appreciate that he and Palin have been denigrating this fine man for What reason ? Do they understand that they have been feeding embers of Hate in a time of Economic Downfall, and that their Silence is complicit with the Angry Outbursts. Their Silence is basically interrepted as Tacit Approval of the Shout Outs of " Kill Him".A Real Leader steps up and speaks to his supporters and says " This is Not Safe, Not Appropriate. I will not support a Campaign that threatens Anyone's Safety and Disrespects this fine Senator, my Opponent."

In my neighborhood I look at it another way.I look at the children around me, is it right that Someone that they can be proud of and look up to faces such slurring and insults from the Other Candidate. Should they be seeing a respected Elder Member of a Campaign use words like "I am going to woop his you know what" or calling him "That ONE" in a Debate in front of 62 Million People ? Should Our Youth be seeing this kind of Racism in 2008 ? It is not 1958, when no one would have batted an eye...But maybe for John McCain it is still 1958.

In some ways I think McCain does not appreciate or respect our History, and is pretending that it did not happen.Coming to Ohio and letting himself and Sarah stirring up " We Don't Know him " Verbage in Southern Ohio ( where it is a known fact that there is a Klan Stronghold. ) He knows that he could never use that language in Cleveland.What he and Sarah are doing is not accidental, it is planned, targeted and strategic.That shows great purpose, and serious lack of judgement.

On another level I have also noticed that the MSM has barely mentioned this Dangerous Situation, rarely commenting or showing footage of it. And yet MSNBC has been showing some of the footage and asking pertinent Questions.
Yet the MSM has not been taking a stand and raising questions about Inciting Violence and Hate Mongering. And they should, before Someone gets hurt.....Because in these stressful economic times that are rife with Tension and Anger , it is only a matter of time.And to be honest if Anyone gets Hurt or Harmed, there are many of us that would hold McCain and Palin Responsible.

It is 2008 , Someone should tell Johnny and his Not-Ready-Primetime- Apprentice Sarah.Most Americans do not want to revisit the Sixties.... Ever Again.


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