A Dear John Letter...

Dear John,
You said, don't blame Palin...

I don't blame Governor Palin.

The responsibility lies solely at your feet.

You, sir, are seen as a war hero by many, including myself, but aren’t war heroes supposed to be heroic?

Your use of "Country First" was shameful and it became quite evident that it was an empty slogan when you chose Sarah Palin as your running mate because someone told you that it would fire up the base and that it would miraculously shore up the Hillary vote. Of course all it shored up was animosity towards you for having used such a transparent tactic against the American electorate thus proving that you have no respect for their intellect and reasoning skills. Never underestimate your audience. Never.

You thrust an unknown governor and first dude and their innocent children into an untenable and preposterous situation.

No. I do not blame you for her actions, after the fact. I do, however, blame you for allowing the use of her as cutthroat surrogate to a rabid base and for you selling your principles and your very soul for god-awful power!

I blame you for sucking up to the Christian fringe and for cozying up to the lobbyists and big oil!

I blame you, Mr. McCain for using your veteran status as a stepping stone for your hubris without thinking of what it is that you were doing to yourself, the nation, war veterans, African Americans, Muslim Americans, Native Americans, the world’s perception of our country, women, gays and lesbians, and senior citizens!

Your doom, I believe, along with many others, began when you visited Liberty University six years after having labeled the Reverend Jerry Falwell one of the political "agents of intolerance". Licking your chops at the possibility of holding the highest office in the land you got your ass in line and kissed the symbolic ring of the contemptuous Christian alliance that is hell-bent on this countries destruction. I find this, not only cowardly on your part, but to have placed a nasty pox upon your record and, simply put, it was precisely where your mavericky demise took root.

Your story of the Vietnamese guard drawing a cross in the dirt with his sandal while you were a POW, which you say is true and I’ve no reason to dispute it, sounded false and your use of such a tale at the Saddleback Church wasn’t you employing a personal and inspirational story to guide sad sacks to God, or as some philosophical anecdote to shed light upon some theory of forgiveness existing within all men, but instead you only used it to shore up your base. The “congregation" and many people watching your performance on television sucked it up like hungry calves on a domesticated ungulate’s teat! It was shameful to say the least. It also proved to the millions of others watching that you would say and do anything to capture the throne. Why the "Christians" could not see this transparent attempt can only be explained by the following verse, “When you take the timber out of your own eye, then you will see well enough to remove the sliver from your friend's eye.” In other words, they are blinded by allegiance for supremacy as much as you.

But what really irked me was your inability to curb your racist and bigoted base during the campaign, or more accurately, it was your complicit silence as the ugliness, spawned by your own shameful rhetoric, began to audibly boil over during your kkkampaign rallies. As shameful as that was, it was more shameful when your interest in the quelling of such was peaked only when it became a liability to your campaign. Your behavior is not something that shall soon be forgotten, nor should it be. Your campaign was more despicable than the man’s you hoped to succeed, and that certainly must not have been a cakewalk!

So, you may sense that many of your fellow citizens are blaming Sarah Palin for you and your party’s demise, but please understand that your inane choice of a running mate was merely a byproduct of your own sickly sweet hubris and shallow principles and your base’s lack of a soul.



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