glad i don't get paid to blog

i have writer's block these days. i find it increasingly difficult to even attempt my once or twice weekly offerings because i really don't know what to say. i manage though :) now that the euphoria of the november election is over- i think it's pretty safe to say that most americans have gone back to doing what it was that they were doing before the election. nothing has changed. we sit and high five when obama announces his transition team- but the same cabal is in charge in the white house and we are powerless to stop it. and ordinary people have gone back to sucking.

my books on buddhism tell me that i need to accept that the universe is transient and ever changing and that nothing is permanent and all moves whether we want it to or not. to deny that is to suffer. boy, buddha sure wasn't kidding. my book also tells me that everything is illusion and that nothing is what it seems to be because everything is filtered through the unpure mind and unpure senses and unpure universe. i believe that too after having witnessed how folks' perceptions of reality differ as much as witnesses at a crime scene.

and president obama wants to unify people to work together in order to save what's left of the planet. and i think that it is a lofty goal and an admirable one because my books on buddhism tell me that folks should work for the greater good and help all sentient beings on their path to enlightenment. i'll settle for inner peace right now because nothing in the history of humankind says that folks will join together and work for the greater good. there are always groups fighting each other for ultimate power and always the underlings who are trodden down and left to survive as best they can.

so, i don't have any answers and i only have slight hope that we will make it. but my buddhism book also tells me that folks often focus on change as a bad thing and that good things can come out of change- so anything is possible. hence, that spark of hope....


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