Saturday Sonata XVIII: Mongolia

Howdy gang, LT here, with the Saturday Sonata. Let's listen to a little music from Mongolia.

First, a strange little video, possibly made by the Office of Great is Tourism For is Mongolia. "Now is the time to make fire!"

Now some music. This is a band that was video'd in Mongolia by YouTube subscriber Nouodia, a 17-year-old from the UK who, apparently, gets to travel to exciting places:

When we were in the South Gobi, we saw a Mongolian music group. After having seen the performance, we decided to try and work towards bringing them over to the UK for a couple of weeks next summer so that their talents and Mongolia are better appreciated. More details about this will come soon.

Give it a minute, it is really electrifying:

And this is very cool:

Artist Name: Börte
Genre: Central Asian Bardic Music, Overtone Singing, World Jazz
Country: Mongolia, Tuva

Artist Bio: A group of five musicians from the country where endless steppes were ruled by Genghis Khan hundreds of years ago have come together to create a totally new kind of music —
an extraordinary mixture of the vocal art of Mongolian herdsmen and traditional Western jazz.

Although Börte bills itself as "modern Mongolian music," the band plays traditional
instruments, including the horse-headed fiddle, and two of the musicians perform overtone, or throat singing, something that is widely associated with Mongolia, and also the Republic of Tuva, which is adjacent to it. In overtone singing, up to three notes can be sung simultaneously. —Courtesy Calabash Music

They have links there to listen to some songs. Highly recommended. And I'm not sure, but this is very likely the same band that did the soundtrack to The Weeping Camel.

Here's a bit more from Börte:

Now is the time to make end of post! Huzzah!


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