yes, WE can

i have been thinking and processing these last few days and ruminating on the president's speech from tuesday. america is at a crossroads- and if we are to survive as a country- as a partner not dominater of the world- we must embrace humility and tenacity. and we must work together. i thought about president kennedy's words of 'asking what you can do for your country' and quite frankly, i thought about where to start. the laundry list is pretty long.

we have had a narrowed focus for so long, it is often difficult to take a step back and see the bigger picture- in fact, we have been encouraged to embrace arrogance and isolationism- and to go shopping while the adults run the country. well, that has gotten us into the big mess we are in- and it turns out- it was the inmates running the asylum. so, what is the bigger picture?

working together. there are plenty of issues to start with locally and at the state level- and the best place to start is to pick one and get involved with it. go to local board meetings, go to local school board meetings, join the pta, volunteer at the county board of elections, etc. talk to your friends and neighbors about doing the same. it isn't about not having the time- it is about making the time. if the house doesn't get dusted once a week- isn't it worth it?

and, although americans voted in large numbers and new voters voted in record numbers- our responsibility does not end there. we must be the change we seek and we must remain vigilant. while we elected a brand new president in a historical election- 3 states voted to ban the civil liberties of our fellow americans. in california at least, that ban was funded and supported by one of the largest christian groups in the country- the mormon church. with the power vacuum in the republican party, we must be aware that the christian evangelicals are moving to fill it. we must continue to champion science over religion and protect the american right- in the bill of rights- from state religion. let's work together to keep religion in the churches- not the government and let us work to banish the hatred that stoked fear in california and keep it from spreading. there is no reason that our lgbt fellow americans should not marry. none. and we must fight to break down this barrier- one of the last- that keeps americans from being free.


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