all the same under the skin

in this economic downturn in america, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. i try not to. that doesn't mean that i don't appreciate everything i have and the fact that i live in a land of excess. i do. but it makes me aware that because i have so much- many have nothing. america has always been the land of plenty for most, but we have always had our share of poverty too. we don't like to think about them, but their numbers are growing.

i just read a post with a few interesting links- about poverty, malnourishment, need:

one in 5 humans starving

this earth cannot survive the billions we have become but that doesn't tell the whole story. human beings run on a monied system and the folks with the most money- always win. if you take the planet as a whole- and look at the inhabited continents- most of the world is poor. it isn't just ethiopia that is starving anymore. i just want people in this country to be aware that because of poverty, war, drought, blight, and myriad other issues- one in 5 people on the planet are currently starving.

what can we do? grow our own food; consume less overall; pressure washington to pressure other western nations to stop propping up dictatorships in impoverished nations and to put together plans to help our fellow human beings. we can help end poverty globally by working together for peace and realizing that for all of our differences- we are all the same underneath- human beings.



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