A Fable Explaining Why the Magic Negro CD Is Offensive!

My name is Dee. I write the Blog "Immigration Talk with a Mexican American." On my blog, I write about Immigration and Politics and allow commenters from all sides of the issues to comment as long as they remain civil.
I am an America loving Liberal. I am a Humanitarian. I long for Peace in the World.
My husband and I have been married over 30 years. We have 2 sons and 2 grandsons.
I am a Proud Latina.
The Editors of "The Peace Tree" have invited me to post here once a week.
For my first post, I am sharing a Fable I wrote which explains why Rush Limbaugh's Magic Negro CD is Offensive and cannot be considered "just a parody or a joke."

Let me know what you think.
Your New Friend,

The FABLE of the GOB

Long, long ago in a land far, far away, lived a group of colorful people led by men who called themselves the Good Ole Boys or GOB for short. The GOB always married perky, pretty, "real women." What most people didn’t know for sure was the GOB quickly made their "real women" wives disappear and replaced them with perky, pretty robots who did their every bidding.
The Real People were always suspicious of the GOB and their robotic wives. Even though they suspected the GOB´s deviltry, the Real People had very little say since the GOB was in charge of their government.
Through the decades, the GOB controlled the movies and the media. Often, the starring role in many of their movies was one of their Stepford Wives. In the movies, they were not only pretty and perky, they had magical powers which, with a twitch of the nose, provided magical perks for their GOB husbands who were always the heroes of the movies.
Over the years, the Real People including the Real Women (RW) grew in numbers. Soon there were several RW in government and in films, although they were still outnumbered and led by the GOB. Occasionally, an RW would speak out her own views. One renowned RW Movie Director, Penny Lee, spoke out in an interview. She said, “In my neighborhood, we look up to real women, smart women, women with hearts and guts enough to stand up for themselves, not bow down to the GOBs.” Then she lamented, “The Magic Stepford Wife does not help RWs. They offer an image that promotes a step and fetch-it mentality, a safe image for the GOBs."
Finally, as the country advanced, a Real Woman, Jennifer Grandhome, was nominated for President. In the early months of her campaign, she was not well known. All anyone could see was, she was a pretty, perky woman who spoke, some felt, scriptedly, to the crowds attending her rallies. One RW Journalist, Kitty Cure-it, opined, “Although I don´t know her, I see she is pretty and perky and well scripted. I hope she is not a Magic Stepford Wife!”
As candidate Grandhome continued her campaign, the public learned more about her and found she was an extremely intelligent, charismatic, well qualified, "Real Woman" candidate. As the crowds grew, the statistics illustrated the country´s support for her. She became the candidate that could win.
The GOB was in a frenzy. Their loudest media bully, Rutt Limpbutt, pounded and attacked Grandhome in every way possible! Limpbutt, a cigar chomping, overweight blowhard was a GOB media attack dog. He yowled, howled, twisted and spun his attacks. He latched on to the Magic Stepford Wife reference by Journalist Cure-it. Limpbutt had his soundman create a CD with a man mimicking the voice of Betty Freewomen chanting:
“Jennifer the Stepford Wife lives in D.C...cause she´s perky but not authentically.”
Rutt and his Soundman attacked and attacked Grandhome and published the CD on his website, promoting it endlessly, planning on ending Grandhome´s campaign!! Real People tried to tell Rutt his plan was not working but Rutt did not listen. He never did. Finally, election day came. The RWs and all of the Real People came to realize Jennifer Grandhome was not only a Real Woman, but the most qualified candidate that could change the nation! Therefore she received the most votes and won the Presidential election. Additionally, ironic though it was, some GOBs voted for her because they thought she was a Stepford wife.
The GOB was out of power at last! It was clear Rutt and the GOB were in a real rut. Real Women and the Real People no longer listened to Rutt or the GOB. The REAL PEOPLE did not like the GOB attack tactics! They wanted a Change!!
The GOB mourned their loss and they scratched their heads wondering why they lost. Several GOB leaders grunted, “Perhaps we have to change and LISTEN to the REAL PEOPLE and welcome them to our party!” The rest just oinked and shrugged their shoulders.
Rutt Limpbutt didn´t change. He continued his rants against the new President. He continued the promotion of the CD on his website.
One GOB candidate, Salty Chip, sent the vile CD to all of his comrades at the GOB with the note, “I look forward to working together in the New Year, Please enjoy the enclosed CD by my friend Soundman from the Rutt Limpbutt Show.” Salty did not understand how offensive this CD was to Real Women and to the Real People.
Once the Real People got wind of Salty´s gift to the GOB, they were angry and proclaimed to the GOB, “if you don’t refute Salty´s message, we will never vote for you again!” The next day, the Chairman of the GOB, aghast by the response of the REAL PEOPLE, announced, “This election was a wake-up call for the GOB to reach out and bring more people into our party. I am shocked and appalled that anyone would think this is appropriate, as it clearly does not move us in the right direction."
Salty still did not get it. He responded to the GOB Chairman´s announcement, “It was a Joke!” Salty did not understand the RWs found out about the years of terror and death their RW wives experienced and how reprehensible the Stepford Robot replacements were to all Real Women! The RWs had every right to question and oppose their existence. The vile CD making a joke of the Magic Stepford Wives was certainly nothing for Limpbutt or the GOB to joke about!
LimpButt did not get it either. He continued to yowl, howl, twist and spin his attacks against President Grandhome.
Meanwhile, the Real Women and the Real People of the country simply turned off Limpbutt´s radio show. And most important of all, Real Women never married anyone from the GOB again.


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