-Just when I thought that headlines might not piss me off and begin to make a modicum of sense:
The headline should be,
"Citizens choose war over bleak economy..."
(not Soldiers!)
No! It should be "Citizens choose enlistment in the military over bleak economy"!

-Just when I thought there might be a chance at peace:
What the-?
By simply flying there Rice is able to ease tension with Pakistan?
What would have happened had she traveled by boat?
(I mean besides the fact that she would have arrived too late,
which ultimately may prove to be for the best as far as India and Pakistan are both concerned…)

-Just when I thought the goddamned scare tactics might vanish from headlines:
O! For the love of all things decent!
I suppose I should have expected
such a “timely” report to emerge
just as the Bush regime is taking its final bow,
but for fucks sake,
“WMD”, “Inevitable”, and “2013”
all in the same damn headline!
(Too bad we don’t hold elections
every four to eight years for our Press…)

-Just when I thought Fox, having been snubbed by Obama, might try a different tactic:
And this is a problem, for whom exactly?
The will of the people of Illinois?
Or the will of those that would rather have an all white senate?

-Just when I thought CEO’s were supposed to have business sense... or lose their damn job:
Where were these grand plans as you were being paid ungodly sums of money,
When you were receiving ungodly grand bonuses and partying on some monstrous yacht in the Caribbean?
Now? Now you've a- Now!
Now you have a measly, godforsaken plan?
Isn’t that convenient;
now that you’ve failed miserably,
now that you’ve proven you’re not worth the millions you “earned” or deserving of the corporate jets you fly in,
now that you’ve been found to be incompetent,
that we the people are going to have to bail your sorry asses out
because you’ve been producing shit-sputtering-gas-guzzling-forest-tapping-air-destroying-hunk-assed-chunks-of-friggin'-metal that you call “automobiles”!

Damn it! Just when I thought it was over...they pull me back in!


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