taking a stand

mmmmm...... having my second morning cuppa on a chilly december morning and looking through the google reader. that was probably mistake number one :) my intention is to bake cookies today and get packages ready to send out to relatives out of state next week to be there in time for the holiday. i questioned myself as to why i continue to participate- and i came to a conclusion about the holidays and life in general these days-- folks are clinging to tradition in the face of collapse. yep. we are clinging to the facade of normalcy and i don't think for one moment most folks are not aware that this country and this planet are in grave danger of having everything collapse. indeed, many ecosystems and ways of life are cascading into extinction before our eyes. i mean, it's pretty visceral when you actually see that there's no ice in the northwest passage or your neighbors getting evicted from their foreclosed home and everything auctioned off in the street.

so, when i read fiona's piece about standing up for peace or shutting up- it started me thinking naturally.

"It's time to stop talking about wanting peace and start working for it folks or it just ain't going to happen. If you don't care or can't be bothered, just stop reading now and go bury your head in the sand while those of us who haven't given up yet get to work."

there are always a few who go down fighting and others who go about their usual routine stoically waiting for the other shoe to drop. which is the 'right' course? of course, there are also those of us in the human race who go into complete denial mode and do nothing- so there's that. i truthfully don't have any answers. i mean i have been advocating accountability and impeachment for years to no avail- and with everything so unstable- i don't know that there is anything we can do but perhaps just soften the blows as best we can for each other.

you see, i have really come to the conclusion that we really are our own safety nets. i truly believe that we will come to a time when money isn't going to matter but defending your home against people who want what you have for a variety of reasons- will be paramount. really, kind of mad maxian. i think our world governments believe that too- why else would they be deploying troops in our own homelands for the first time in history?

so, i guess we will all be at a crossroads soon. are we the soft suburbanites who have simply fallen on hard times? or will we become the hardened protectors of home and hearth? or do we simply accept what is coming and realize human nature will never change? do we recognize and stare reality squarely in the face and not back down? many before us have. but these times are unlike any in recent history because for the first time in history- it isn't simply about economics. our whole planet is in peril. are we too late to stop it? i don't know. i really don't know.

i do know that each person in their lifetime comes to a time when they have to take a stand for something. whether they stand up and are counted or back down and fade into the background- their time comes. i guess we have to start asking ourselves what we are going to do now.


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