Devil is in the Details: Heritage Foundation's Immigration Recommendation

Dear President Obama,

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank based in DC. They promote conservative public policy. They became influential in the Reagan years. They view themselves as traditional conservatives and they proudly display the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity on their home pages.
On January 13, 2009, they came out with their official Immigration policy statement. In reviewing their policy, their recommendations are consistent with past Conservative/ANTI policy.

Here are their recommendations in their entirety. (view Heritage Foundation link)
I know you read and listen to all perspectives, but as you review their views, please keep in mind the PRO Immigration Reform perspective. I’ve listed the Heritage Foundation Views (in black) vs the PRO views (in red) as follows:
1. Secure Borders via Walls, more BP and partnering with States and Local Govt for added security. PRO: We DO agree with Secure Borders, there are issues with the Wall, particularly for those who live on the border and go to school on the border. Discussions need to be held on this.
2. Sanctions Against Employers via fines. Enforcing via Immigration Raids. PRO: We agree with employer sanctions, but the raids in Postville, Massachusetts and other locations were inhumane! The value of ICE Raids should be re-evaluated.
3. Mass Deportation of the 12M here through strict enforcement of existing laws, workplace raids, 287(g) programs promoting Racial Profiling. PRO: We adamently oppose Mass Deportations, inhumane ICE Raids, Detention Centers, Racial Profiling!

There are new additions to their recommendation:
1. Developing NEW Temporary Worker Programs that are truly temporary.: They go into extreme detail on this. NEW Temporary Workers. Not those here. Put them to work. Make sure they know where the door is. PRO: This is suspicious to me. Why does the Heritage Foundation support a NEW Temporary worker program. Sounds almost like support for Big Business having Slave Labor. They advocate None of the 12M here may participate in this program. Additionally they advocate changing the Jus Soli (birthright citizenship) constitution requirements. This needs more investigation and as it stands is unacceptable!
2. Promoting economic development in Latin America:. PRO: Also supports economic develop in Latin America. We would like to see the underlying details to their proposals.
3. Reform immigration services. PRO: Also supports Reforming immigration services. We would like to see the underlying details to their proposals.
4. Improving Legal avenues for immigrants. PRO: Also supports improving legal avenues for immigrants. We do not want it to serve as a restrictionist means to allow only White, Educated, Wealthy immigrants into our country. We would like to see the underlying details to their proposals.

President Obama, their recommendations truly illustrate the old axiom, “the devil is in the details!” Look for the underlying meaning in what they are requesting and you will see their true motivation.
Additionally, I see nothing in their policy that discusses the War on Drugs, the USA being the number 1 illegal drug abusing country in the world, the USA sending Mexico 2,000 illegal weapons a day or our partnership to help Mexico in their and our War on Drugs. This should be included in any policy.
I know, President Obama, that you and your advisors will support a sound and comprehensive immigration reform policy. Thank you for your dedication to an improved America!

Your dedicated supporter,



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