happy new year!

and happy next four years at least. there is an electricity in the air that is, well, electric. history has indeed been made- and just as important- the 'reign of terror' has ended. let us take an opportunity to breathe a collective sigh of relief and enjoy the moment. sigh.....

i want to take an opportunity to thank all of the folks on the right who either sat out the vote so as not to vote mccain/palin (thank you, thank you) or actually crossed lines to vote democratic. that took courage, patriotism and genuine foresight- and, i, for one, am eternally grateful. we have a long row to hoe here in the united states of america. and we have to work together to do it. there are some who aren't as enthusiastic about obama- me, included, but i look at it this way- bushco is gone!!! we can take a moment to savor that at the very least.

there are many tough times ahead and i see the road getting longer and times more difficult. we must continue to remain vigilant against the neocons and the religious right because they don't go away- they reinvent themselves and keep coming. we have had decades of that dedication to self and it has led to class warfare not seen since the dark ages. we must continue to fight for our country against these folks and continue to work towards repairing our country and our planet.

but for today- let us take a moment and savor- and smile for the first time in a long time.



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