having one of those moments

i am not sure why- but i am angry. lots of little things i suppose- the end of winter approaching- but not fast enough; the cats misbehaving; having to interact and rely on other people in the selling of our apartment building; people scamming other people via cell phone texts; israel continuing to foment war against iran for no good reason. sigh. and my husband is out of town until i pick him up from the airport tonight.

i have cocooned myself for a couple of days over the weekend- not venturing out but reading and drinking tea and shutting myself in from the world. and it was nice, but i don't think it helped in the grander scheme of things. because life still bothers me. issues i can't will changed- that are too big for me to will changed on my own- remain unchanged. and i cannot wrap my mind around why people are so horrible to each other. the whys remain unanswered.

the only thing i can do is take deep breaths and think about things i can change. change what is in my power to do so. and get myself another cuppa tea. namaste.


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