love it or leave it- to where?

looking at some of the comments after the video at youtube, folks were asking- 'if we can't make it here, where can we make it?' and i began to look at the bigger picture. we may be able to move to other countries on the planet- but we only have this planet to live on. realistically, most of us won't be able or willing to move to another country. so, the reality is- we need to get along and stop killing our planet. probably not going to happen in my lifetime :)

there are days when i can pretend to understand human nature but sometimes it has me baffled. i look at the people who say that they are 'conservative' and they hate me simply because i am not. i look to the people on the left who profess to be liberal and they view folks like me with disdain because i don't 'understand' why they think taking monies from lobbyists is ok. and i see that there is no way to bring those sides together.

and so i look away from them to the folks who don't say but do. the folks who reach out to strangers to help them when they can with no strings attached. i look at the folks who have taken personal responsibility to heart and volunteer or take a pay cut to help keep co workers on the job. those are the people i understand. these are the folks who are going to make it here- or anywhere. the others- i guess i don't have to care about them. they've already made it as far as they can go.


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