i have been thinking a bit about words over the last few days. the 'war of words' is playing out in the halls of congress over the stimulus bill- but it's really about something else. a war of ideas- and it is apparently, a fight to the death. the republican party hates the rest of us and that hatred has fueled an all out assault on what is real and what is their version. sometimes keeping up makes my head spin. and it wears me out. and i also thought about my words and my comprehension of words as i interact with blog buddies and casual readers from around the globe- and i know that what i write and how i write it- effects people.

conveying meaning through words is as old as time and throughout history we have changed the meanings of words and added and dropped words along the way. so, i guess my point is- words only have the meanings given to them by us but how we use the words is what determines war or peace. and it is sad to say, the united states is still not united and we are still at war- in the middle east and here at home. our civil war of words is just as damaging as the real one in the long run.


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