global unrest looks more likely

than global peace. i have been battling a cold and so have been giving my garden a think. the prognosis this year is drought and continuing drought in many places considered 'bread baskets'- america's west and southwest, australia- not to mention what that will do to livestock. and we have almost 7 billion people- hovering around 6 billion 700 million or so right now- on the planet.

that doesn't bode well for our future. there have already been food riots in places like haiti- and around the world- and hungry and thirsty people are not going to be kind and rational. in fact, the un has posted an article declaring that the growing fresh water crisis in the world- is the single biggest security factor in the future.

it's much to wrap our minds around as we have lived in relative peace and harmony in the land of plenty. but i think it's valuable to think about what we would do in a situation where our families were starving and/or dehydrating and i think it's also valuable to think about keeping our families safe. i have the suspicion it's why we now have american troops stationed within our borders for the first time in modern history and why our police are looking more and more paramilitary.

wars have been started and fought over less- but natural, basic resources for 6+ billion people- not a sustainable, renewable option. people's will to survive is strong but the will is not enough.


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