mother jones

i have been chatting much with my mom- as she is only on a semi news blackout and mine is near total. i can't bring myself to really immerse myself right now after having been in the trenches for so long. the long, dark nightmare that was republican rule is only partially over- the narrow minded, grasping, greedy pursuit of unbridled power and wealth for a few continues in spite of our recent election. and this is not a war we can fight simply with words. we have to force change and we have to change hearts and minds. and we have to accept that some will always be left behind.

and it is unfortunate.

these folks don't ever really go away and leave others alone- they continue- single mindedly- on their quest for ultimate world dominance. and they are formidable. but the bright spot that mom and i have been talking about is the fact that they 'misunderestimated' people. yep. they only stayed within their 'el rushbo' demographics and they did not realize that most human beings are sentient. and when backed into a corner, americans will fight back. it's our nature- it's our history. and they thought we would just cower meekly and give in. and we haven't.

with the very recent election- president obama has only been in the white house one month and a little- the attitude has changed. sure, folks are griping- they always do- but change is happening on a personal level and on a larger scale. hope is happening. new ways of looking at our world and our communities- our ways of life- are happening. we have many challenges ahead- and i don't know if we can overcome because the global climate and ecological issues we face are quite large (understatement)- but folks know that we have to change our way of life. the illusion of the american dream is coming to an end.

our food supply system is troubling but these two links from mother jones sparked some hope within me for folks. i plan to grow my own but not all will or can.

beets in the hood

spoiled: organic and local is so 2008

the mere fact that folks are making the attempt to think outside of the box is hopeful. that wouldn't have happened even 3 years ago. it's positive in a negative world. namaste.


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