success- what is it?

i have been giving this a think today- i guess i was thinking about my life and if i thought i was 'successful.' and then i started thinking about what exactly it meant to be successful. bushco said we had to be 'successful' in iraq and we couldn't fail. my husband had an uncle who asked him at every family gathering what it was that he was doing (as far as employment) because he never remembered- my husband wasn't making enough money for him to remember.

so, i started thinking about what i wanted to be remembered for- now and by posterity- and it really boiled down to one thing- being an honest person with integrity. the kind of person that people can trust to be there when needed and to make honest assessments of situations. i want to be a person who is peaceful inside and spreads that peace- along with compassion- to others. those kinds of folks don't start wars or make power grabs or defraud other people. those kinds of folks try to do the right thing- simply because it's the right thing to do.

success isn't the size of your house or how many cars you drive or the brand of clothes you wear. i hope that more and more folks are beginning to realize that. if they are and do- then something positive will come out of the last nightmarish decade. something positive will come out of the terrible economy. i wish all of us much success. namaste.


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