we are still at war- abroad and at home

a few things have occurred to me of late- one of the bigger ones being that the left is doing 'it' again. what is 'it'? screwing ourselves over. yep. the right declared war on 'big government' and 'libruls' decades ago and we just let it roll over us in our yuppie dash to riches, bigger houses, stuff to fill those bigger houses, etc. the war is still declared. we only have to listen to 'the other side' to hear it. it's like the southerners still fighting the civil war. and sadly, no, i am not kidding.

look, our jobs are not over simply because the left won one presidential election and a majority in congress. that's fleeting. the right is mobilizing it's twenty percenters to take back state and local governments again. that means our communities; our school boards; our state representatives; our governors; any elected officials. they are 'crossing over' to vote and they are masquerading as 'blue dog democrats.' and sadly, no, i am not kidding.

and what is the left doing? taking impatient pot shots at a man and his administration who inherited arguably the worst mess in the history of our country- and that is leeching out into the rest of the world. patience and practicality dictates that you allow the man to do his job- and that you direct your frustrations towards the people who deserve it- the congress.

it wasn't barack obama who led the charge and voted for the aig bonuses last september. nope. that would be nancy pelosi and harry reid and their devotees. our job as citizens is to hold their feet to the fire- we directly elect them. we make them hear our voices and represent us truthfully-- or we vote them out. the 2010 elections are next year. very quick. the rethugs are already gearing up to take back ground lost- and sadly, no, i am not kidding. just because you vote them out- or their administrations out- they aren't gone. they are lurking in the background designing more ways to seize power and money. they get it- we on the left are the ones who don't.

my thought is- sure, obama needs to be held accountable. but he hasn't even served 3 months of his first term yet and has done a heluva lotta work in a short time. pelosi, et al, have been in the majority since january, 2007- um... why is she still in office again? oh right. left wing folks in california voted her another term. makes me wonder why.


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