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1. Fox News Crosses the Line
For news coverage to be "fair and balanced," there has to be a line separating news from political activism – a clear boundary between legitimate commentary and demagoguery.
Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace repeatedly characterizes his network as "fair and balanced" – a source of news that should be taken seriously. However, several recent actions on Fox News illustrate that the network is contributing to a culture of conservative paranoia and anti-Obama political activism.
For example, since launching his Fox News show, Glenn Beck has engaged in increasingly outrageous rhetoric that promotes a culture of conservative paranoia – from imitating President Obama pouring gasoline onto the "average American" to mocking Obama's aunt's "limp."
If Wallace wants to continue to portray his network and influential Sunday show as a credible source of news, he owes it to his viewers to speak out publicly against Fox News' recent behavior. So please ask Chris Wallace to publicly denounce Fox News' recent actions and repair the damage done to his network's credibility.

2. Bob Marshall, staff writer for the New Orleans Times Picayune covered the story of Dr. van Heerden's leadership investigating the levee failures. In a recent opinion piece, Marshall said, "... I always thought the state should be rewarding van Heerden, not chasing him away, because metro area residents -- indeed, citizens of any U.S. community currently relying on federal levees to keep them safe -- owe Van Heerden a huge debt."

3. Obama: Lift the Cuban Embargo
On Monday, President Obama announced a shift in US policy on Cuba, but Latin American leaders and US members of Congress are urging him to take further steps -- to talk to the Cuban government and end the almost 50 year failed embargo.
This weekend Obama is participating in his first Americas Summit in Trinidad and Tobago. We have a unique chance to influence him with a strong international call to initiate a new constructive era of engagement with Cuba.
Add your name to the petition -- and Avaaz members will sail a boat with the number of signatures painted on its sail in the harbour where the summit is being held this weekend.
We urge the United States government to move from isolation to constructive engagement with Cuba--initiating dialogue and lifting the embargo.


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