take a deep breath- what's that i smell?

is it spring? no, wait, it's diplomacy. who knew? who knew that sitting down and actually talking to folks can lead to the start of disarming volatile situations? there are many things i don't know- and haven't learned yet- but i do know human nature. folks tend to get defensive and belligerent when confronted with bullies, blackmailers, etc. and folks will only take being mistreated for so long. hence, president obama's worldwide 'apology tour.'

most americans don't know about the decades of american government sponsored coups in other parts of the world- latin and south america, southeast asia, africa. most americans don't know that the right wing of america and it's 'trickle down' milton friedman inspired disaster capitalism is responsible for the deaths of millions of fellow human beings. there is much to apologize for. folks around the world aren't terrorists- and they don't hate us because of the way we live. they don't care for us much- because of the way we have forced them to live. and the fact that america and american corporations profited by the misery and torture that millions of mainly brown and black folks lived.

hence, the book president chavez gifted to president obama.

and the embargo on cuba is slowly being lifted.

the russians are agreeing to disarmament.

and america is looking to reach out to iran by dropping the stupid pre-bushco inspired conditions. wow. the cold war is over part 2. inevitably, we have to reach out- as we did to germany, japan, south africa, vietnam, italy, china,...

the bottom line is that human beings are going to need each other more than ever as we face not just our chicago school, friedman style, disaster capitalism economic meltdown- but as the planet becomes more and more inhospitable. the world is less of an issue than the right wing ideologues here in this country who are armed and mentally unstable. i don't want to predict another civil war but it is looking grim.

on a brighter note- i had no idea that russia gifted us a 9/11 memorial but apparently, they did. it's in new jersey.

so, Спасибо.


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