the war within

america has been at war with herself for a very long time. many americans refused to see it- and indeed still do. but there is hope sometimes that we will come to see each other as simply fellow human beings. no color, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation (for lack of a better term), etc. i am proud to say that president obama and his family are leading the way on that front.

i am disappointed that amazon is not. i buy quite frequently from amazon and link to it often. i will not be doing so until and unless amazon changes its current book rating system and policy to end the recent discrimination. in the meantime, i fully expect many crazies to cheer amazon's decision and deride the president. and that should give all of us pause.

if you would like to sign the petition demanding amazon to state why they have decided to pull lgbt literature and not heterosexual literature of similar genres- please go here



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