Back to Business...

We have been witness to boots grinding out an empire
For the flabby bellies in their Lexington Executive Chairs
And their chubby, insolent little nuclear diet-boned families
And pair of table-scrap nourished, incorrigibly impish lapdogs.

These heirs to rich deserts poured by a deprived and slaving flesh
Have we the inheritors of tomorrow looking on, seeing naught,
Feeling nothing but the destitute staring back at us in the mirror
Seeing in our eyes things we’d not tell our closest, dearest friends.

Democracy's body is before us, slumped over like a one-armed whore,
Our eyes as wide as virginity, and they, the CEOs, looking smirked,
Satisfied of profits, cackle at the shivering, homeless, irrelevant urchins
Under the ghostly sky slapping against the bleeding rump of the future.

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman


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