fresh out

i don't have any idea what is going on in the wide world. i haven't gone into the google reader in days and the only headlines i see are on my way into signing into google. they are depressing. i realize that simply not knowing doesn't make any of the world's issues go away, but sometimes it feels as if there are only a few of us out here that care anyway. i write from a personal point of view usually- because i want folks to know that they aren't alone out there- with their thoughts and ideas, etc. and i try to write the good as well as the bad. it isn't easy.

i liken the mental exhaustion and apathy i sometimes feel to a 'crisis of the spirit' for lack of a better term. like an empty tank of gas with no energy to walk for more. that's kind of where i am right now- and from what i hear around the blogosphere from other bloggers and my buddies- it's kind of where they are now too. i don't have an answer for that.

what i do know is this- the folks who put us into the worldwide economic crisis, the numerous wars, the looming climate crisis- these folks are not having a crisis of spirit. they are regrouping to take us out completely. they want a 'new world order' of the haves and the have nots- but they don't need that many have nots so, the rest of us are expendable. i really doubt i am exaggerating that point- based on what i have seen and heard from them over the last 8 years or so. so, what are we going to do? they sneer at us for being 'soft' while we realize that it's simply that we care and have feelings- and they do not. but, here we are, dropping out of working for a better world because 'our side' won. we are relying on the yahoos we 'voted' in to take care of things again. because we are tired. and i include myself as i mull over the current status of my personal blog.

if you look at the political cycles, the right wins when the left lets our guard down. and it took us a shorter time than most this go round- in spite of the torture revelations; the ponzi schemes; the illegalities and manuverings of the surveillance state, etc. we are willing to just go back to living a much diminished life and let the dems go about their way. and cheney does all of the talking heads' shows, and jeb meets with his cabal to plot their new 'strategery' and the tea bag hillbillies horde their guns and ammo. we need some ideas here.....


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