Maine and D.C. Go Forward & More

Maine Statehouse Votes in Favor of Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

Washington D.C. Recognizes Same-Sex Marriage

This article at the Gay Rights blog @ change. org

Here is Ms. Vienna Teng with City Hall. I wish she would write a song about Massachusetts but that's okay. My daughter was married at this city hall, so I love the song.

And if you never read the post here on this painting...

it was painted by my dear friend Steve Emery, whose inspiration for it were my daughter and daughter-in-law's wedding photographs at taken at San Francisco City Hall last Fall. Every time I try to write about how much this painting means to my family and me, I get a bit chocked up and completely lose the words. But I think you know. Visit Steve's gallery. It is a very uplifting space.


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