mother's day is coming up

as an american woman, it is difficult for me to wrap my mind around the thought of being thought of as less than a human being. i should say as a modern american woman because women in america were thought of in that way throughout our history- and indeed in pockets throughout the country today. women in america have only had the right to vote as equal citizens since 1920. we take it for granted today but that was less than 100 years ago.

i would ask that you think about not getting your mom or wife flowers this year- as a favor to other women around the globe. yes, it does provide them with a job- but when you factor in the health risks- to me, it is not worth it. and keep in mind that most women around the world are exploited, beaten, battered, raped, murdered- because they can be.

i give laura bush credit for highlighting the conditions of women in afghanistan- i hope that she does continue to work for economic freedom for the women there.


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