Peaceful Prayer Vigil Scheduled to Pray for Unity in Shenandoah

The Pennsylvania Latino community is planning a Peaceful Prayer Vigil to Pray for Unity in Shenandoah. In a recent interview, Dr. Agapito Lopez, a member of the Governor's Advisory Committee on Latino Affairs and vice president of the Hazleton Latino Association said, "Everyone is concerned about this decision. Not only in the community here, but the whole Hispanic community in the United States.”

On May 16, a vigil is planned to "Pray for Unity in Shenandoah." Dr. Arroyo said, "This will be a very Peaceful Prayer Vigil."

The Rev. Miguel Rivera, head of a national Latino-Christian clergy group, will attend as well as local advocates including Amilcar Arroyo. "We will pray together because in our community we ALL need to work together," Arroyo said. "We are exactly the same. We are human beings. We have families. We have goals in our lives. The Latino community does not want a confrontation, but we do want justice. It’s time to sit and talk together and see how we can work together for the future."

The details of the Prayer Vigil are as follows:
What: "Pray for Unity in Shenandoah" Prayer Vigil
When: May 16, 2009 6:30 pm
Where: Kahillat Isreal Non-Denominational Christian Church, 213 W. Oak St., Shenandoah, PA 17976


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