i hope everyone had a lovely weekend and spent memorial day as they chose. it's tough for me to 'celebrate' a holiday that is actually a holiday- as memorial day is set aside to honor the fallen. i don't know anyone like that- who fell in battle. my grandfather and three of my uncles fought in world war 2 but they have been gone for years. many of the folks i saw out and about yesterday probably are in the same boat i am- they don't know anyone directly who fell in battle or even fought a war. and for that- we are both lucky and unfortunate.

i had many interesting conversations yesterday with my fam- on whether one would chose knowledge over health or whether humans will pull themselves out of the darkness before the end of our planet comes. i do know that america's military industrial complex is its national nightmare and that by having so many people employed by it-- and the homeland security umbrella- we are setting ourselves up for a bad time. anyone can have knowledge and many can have health- but not many folks get to wisdom. wisdom to know that we need to change our way of life completely- and quickly- or our memorial days will continue to have fresh faces on the news.

perhaps, just once, we could celebrate life- instead of death. perhaps we could celebrate the glory of peace instead of the 'glory' of war. just a thought.


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