That Dog Won’t Hunt: Stop the Turk Plant!

Stop The Turk Plant Citizen Brigade Pledge Raise your right hand please and read the following: I accept my vital role as a leader in the That Dog Won’t Hunt Citizen Brigade statewide effort to stop the development of the Turk coal-fired Power Plant and to start Arkansas on the path to a cleaner energy future. I know that it is critical to the success of this effort that I do my part to contact elected and appointed officials, proactively spread the word about the campaign and monitor developments going forward. I also promise to do other things if I can that may include but are not limited to organizing meetings, talking to organizations, organizing a march on the State Capitol, or holding a three day “Stop The Turk Plant” music fest with acts including Bono, Dave Matthews Band, Sting and many of our great local bands. What it will take more than anything is many committed, passionate people who love our state and want to give it every opportunity to live up to its full potential, working together to help spread the word and make this happen. Once this campaign is in play anything can happen. We need to trust the process, difficult as it may turn out to be. The facts are on our side. Other states are rejecting the false promise and lure of coal-fired power plants. We can too.

Tom Ricciardone May 26, 2009 Little Rock, Arkansas Contact: 501-370-4520


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