what i miss most

i have been out of college for oh- awhile :) and high school even longer. i think what i miss most about having those experiences is the lack of discussion and sharing of ideas. i thought for sure i would find it online- as the internets are full of tubes and wires that lead to all sorts of folks and places. but i didn't so much. i have met so many great folks and blog buddies from coming online- but the discussions aren't there. the closest i have gotten are trolls and right wing folks only interested in smashing me down. regrettable for sure because there are many folks out there who are interested in hearing and sharing.

it isn't about converting to our 'side' necessarily. there have always been two major parties, for example. it's about talking to each other and compromising. oops- i said the 'c' word. the sort of compromise i am talking about doesn't happen in congress or politics usually. their compromising really does compromise this country. no, the compromise i speak of is realizing that right and left both have many traits in common- we really aren't as different as certain folks are trying to make us believe.

liberals have traditions and celebrations; believe in the military and even serve; believe that all men and women should be treated fairly and equally, etc. it isn't true that liberals believe that government should have its fingers into every aspect of life and it is true that government has grown exponentially under the last 3 republican presidents.

the biggest truth is that both sides of the common people- right and left- are being fucked by the politicians of both parties in government-- for THEIR personal gain not ours. my thought is- most of the crap that they have set up for us to fight about-- abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, etc.- distractions. they want to keep us screaming at each other so we don't notice the fact that these folks are STILL profiting from 2 wars and thousands of military bases around the world. that they are still profiting from the jacked up banking system and insurance system. that they are still sucking up our natural resources while doing pretty much nothing to avert global climate catastrophe.

here's the thing... the republican party moderates- who are fairly sane folks- are being shut out of their party by the batshit crazy folks from the religious right and former neocon movement. the democratic party has been hijacked by greedy, corporate shills like nancy pelosi and harry reid and the 'blue dog' democrats who are in reality- transplants from the repubs. there is a 'silent majority' out here who are by and large under represented in government at all levels. i say that we pull together and realize that there is strength in numbers and take back the country.

any takers?


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