D-Day June 6th

A day to remember the thousands who lost their lives on the beaches of northern (Normandy) France, to begin the end of the Nazi's European dominance of terror, and to end WW II. To be sure, it should never be forgotten, especially since many in the World and in the United States claim that the holocaust never happened. Holocaust deniers are some of the dumbest, hate filled people on Earth. Yet, there are millions of them. This is why it is important for History to record and remember the millions of deaths during WW II.

It is a fact that America's entrance into the war, won the war. It is also a fact that Americans did not want to enter the war, and for years, millions died while we stayed out of it.

Poland was invade and the Nazi's started their murder machine. England suffered the first rocket bombings in the World's History. France fell to the Nazi's. China and much of the Pacific Islands were raped by Japan. The human extermination camps were working at full speed. Finally in December of 1941, Japan attacked the United States naval fleet in Perl Harbor, Hawaii, and the war came to America.

At that time we were a weak military country, but within 18 months we were pouring out planes, tanks, artillery, etc., and fighting both Germany and Japan. By the end of the war we would not only be the super power of the World, but with our super atomic weapons, change the World forever. Peace through strength, had proven its certainty. The death and carnage of the war, was unbelievable. Tens of millions around the World had died an awful death. Almost 500,000 Americans lost their lives. Over 10 million Americans were called to serve.

WW II had started less than 20 years after the end of WW I (the war to end all wars). Another foreign war that could not have been won without the help of America.

It is not an overstatement, or bragging to say that America has truly saved the World from oppression. We have proven that military strength is the sure way to secure freedom. For those of you who believe that violence solves nothing, History is not on your side.

Is there such thing as a good war? NO.
Are there times when we must fight, kill, and die? Yes.

That does not condone the misuse of our power, or the mistaken idea that all people of the World must live by our ideology. We, the people of America, are responsible when our government chooses to send our young people to fight and die. We have made mistakes, and people have died because of our mistakes. Yet, there is no denying that America is the shinning light of freedom throughout the World.

That position demands that we act responsibly. There can be no wars of opportunity, only wars of moral destiny. We need leaders with humanity. We don't need leaders to tell us what our individual morals should be, or that the World must all have the same morals. We need leaders who act on our behalf, with morality.



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