democracy is earned

a friend of mine sent me this cartoon- and i had to share. in the interest of full disclosure, i have not been following the news closely about anything lately. i generally skim the headlines and read what interests me. but i have kept up with the headlines on iran. i do not know the culture intimately- what i have learned comes from a couple of blog buddies of iranian descent and national geographic. what i do know is, the persian people are strong and resilient. they have resisted losing their sense of self and their cultural identity- they are proud to be persian.

i don't know that the same can be said for americans. we lost any cultural identity we had to strip malls and fast food joints a long time ago. we turned into self centered, perpetual scared, sheeple with a 'lord/lady of the manor' attitude- we delegate and pay for people to do things for us. well, this is just proof positive that you can't outsource or pay for democracy. we would do well to follow the iranian model- and apologize for calling them part of the 'axis of evil'- if we would have been smart 60 years ago- we would have left their democracy intact. i don't think that they have ever quite gotten over the fact that we meddled in their government then- and i really have a feeling folks should understand that it was us who mucked things up in the middle east. not the middle eastern folks.


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