all politics are local

"i am not an extremely social person. i usually don't do events or soirees or parties and i have tended towards reclusiveness in recent years. i don't care for humanity at large. on an individual basis, we, as a race, can be aware and compassionate and show that we have common sense. put us in a culture setting and forget it.

lately, i have been social. hubby and i have had folks from work over and some out of town friends plus, we visited family while we were away the first part of the month. i have run the gamut from not having a clue about the world around them to awareness with a belief that we can't do a damned thing to save the world. and through everything- we all go about our lives as usual because we haven't any idea what to do about anything.

what struck me most about a couple of the groups of folks we know- parents complaining to hubby and i about offspring who feel entitled; who are lazy and unwilling to help; who expect others to take care of them and give them the life to which they have become accustomed- was the apparent lack of understanding of where said offspring came from in the first place and the fact that these people continue doing for said offspring and perpetuating the cycle.

we have a nation of entitled folks. and everyone complains about them but they seem to be making out just fine in spite of the recession/depression, wars and conflicts, etc.. without some introspection and some understanding of our personal lives and how it affects the world at large, i simply don't see much changing. if we can't make changes within our own families, how are we going to effect change globally? the folks in charge certainly are unwilling to change the status quo-

the feel entitled to profit at the expense of everyone else on the planet. and we continue to indulge them.


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