my fellow americans

anyone else notice the uptick in murders, assaults and break ins lately? economic downturns do tend to move populations in that direction- especially given the housing situation. there was an article from colorado that highlighted troops who have come home from iraq and afghanistan and their propensity towards violent crimes. it's an interesting and fairly scary read.

which got me musing about how truly violent a nation america is- and has been from the start. for the most part, the nation hasn't warred on itself- officially- but there is the daily violence of citizen against citizen that goes on. the ugly, hate filled rhetoric we witness on the internet and the tv news shows bombard us with overt and subtle messages that it's an 'us against them' world.

which doesn't bode well for this country. i hope that there won't be an all out civil war again in this country in my lifetime. i do see it coming though. it isn't enough to agree to disagree anymore- opposing sides line up like gladiators and tear each other down- for now it has been fairly verbal. with the advent of the 'birthers' and the 'tea bag parties' though, what was underground has bubbled to the surface. the left is woefully unprepared and make no mistake- it will be a war of ideology- and perhaps geographic area. i have no words of wisdom other than- forewarned is forearmed. keep eyes open and just know what is coming. americans are violent folks.


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