a nation of saran

as i read through the news or go about my daily routine, i try to wrap my mind around how the human brain works. i still haven't really figured it out. at the risk of sounding 'bushian', i am beginning to believe that humans can be broken down into 'black or white'- meaning those who think and those who don't. how else to explain how a contingent of folks can buy into the idea that it's ok for the government to have a secret organization or two that aren't really accountable to anyone? how else to explain away the support for secrecy and spying and the erosion of civil liberties in the name of security? how else to explain sarah palin fans? i mean seriously.

i like to believe that there was a time when americans would not have ceded their civil liberties so cavalierly; wouldn't have cowered in fear of a phantom bogeyman 'terrorist,' but i believe it was franklin who commented on keeping the republic if we could. we no longer have a republic- if we ever really did in the first place- but many folks are so blissfully unaware. i don't have any answers really- there is a small minority of folks who would fight to the end for truth and building a new republic but the majority rules. we as humans cling to what we know- and at this point, i am inclined to let us. americans want to believe we are still the idea of america- liberty and freedom for everyone who comes here. the reality couldn't be a starker contrast. but we cling...


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