a small amount of humanity is enough

"there was a time when i was guardedly optimistic about change in america and when i tentatively wore hope on my sleeve. the death knell has sounded- i am no longer optimistic or hopeful. not just because of what i hear or see in the media- surges in afghanistan, wall street and corporates still ripping us off unchecked, federal mandates flying off the pens of the dems just itching to put them into laws- but also because i actually was forced to venture out into humanity for a week and i learned much. i hated it but i learned much.

i learned that there are far more non thinking people out there than ones who think. these folks can be decent human beings but prefer to 'just live' and continue to do so without giving the future a thought. some of them happen to be friends and family of mine and hubby's. i also learned that when push comes to shove, people won't do the right thing. myself included. and i have been thinking a bit about human nature as a big picture because it's easy to get caught up in the now believing this time to be so very different than any other. it is in one regard- global warming.

when everything boils down to its basest nature- people haven't changed in milennia. we keep repeating history over and over and simply tweaking it a bit to make it the present. we keep clinging to our selfish, greedy, lazy ways and are content to do so even if it means killing people around the globe for profit. we have gone so far as to create an economy around doing so. i am not certain of the future- no one really is- but i don't see a rosy one. perhaps it's the pessimist in me- or perhaps simply the realist. the only thing i do know- i cannot fight for a country that no longer exists and i won't fight for clueless 'morans' who won't think for themselves.


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