Tell Reid: No vacation for the Senate before health care reform passes.

President Obama has made it very clear that passing meaningful health care reform is his top priority this summer - but on July 23, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the full Senate wouldn't vote on a bill until the fall.

This is not only disrespectful to the millions of Americans who can't afford private insurance, it's bizarre considering Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced just days prior that she would keep the House in session through it's August recess if that's what it takes to pass a bill.

So what's the problem in the Senate?

The problem is Montana Democrat Max Baucus.

We already have a good health care bill in the Senate from Sen. Kennedy's HELP Committee - a bill that includes a public option. We need the Finance Committee to pass a bill that will fund the HELP Committee bill, and Baucus says he needs time.
Time is one thing. But it's well known that Baucus is planning to pass a bill that won't include a public option. And Reid shouldn't let him.
Sen. Reid shouldn't give Sen. Baucus the time he needs to eviscerate real health care reform - not when Americans' lives are on the line.


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