american peace- the facade

anyone else see the writing on the wall for america? tpm has been following the 'town hall meetings' around the country centered on the health care issue and things are getting fairly scary out there. led by the likes of glenn beck, sean hannity, lou dobbs, et al, the teabaggers/birthers/ordinary americans have been disruptive, disrespectful, and downright hostile towards the congress folks they elected-- or didn't. the problem isn't with dissent- the problem is with dissolution.

because that's what these folks are too stupid to realize- they are pushing for the dissolution of the united states of america. these people claim to stand up for the constitution but the only right that they seem to recognize is the one to bear arms. look, coming on top of the hording of bullets and ammo- carrying a concealed weapon holding a placard that wants to overthrow the government takes on a whole new meaning. the right wing doesn't just think politics as usual- the rethuglican party wants to annhilate anyone left of where they think. put the pieces together and it's downright scary.

hannity, et al, is laughing at the rest of the nation because they know what they are whipping up- using race, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, etc. as wedge issues- these people are the mouthpieces spreading the misinformation and lies to their minions while the rest of us bask in the glow that they aren't running the show officially anymore. make no mistake- they are working overtime to take back the states one state at a time- from the local governments on up. and, they are looking at taking back this country by force.

taking a look at the escalation of the right wing tactics since the 2008 election, folks should be afraid. verbal escalated to mob mentality even during the campaign- whipped up by the likes of sarah palin (who is still throwing the red meat), limbaugh, and the rest. the tea bag parties and hording of bullets and ammo- the rise of the militia groups again- and now carrying weaponry to an event that the president will be attending- well, i can't see things de-escalating.

we shouldn't turn the other cheek- we should be aware and vigilant. because they are prepared for war- and we aren't. in fact, they are waging it right now- and it is another civil war.


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