Get ready for a new talking point, or screaming point, to emerge this week throughout the town hall meetings across the country.

Here is an example of what we are likely to begin hearing-

VERY OLD WHITE MAN: "This here Hurricane Bill is growing like the Mexican population! We, the true people of this land, are left with only one recourse, revolution!"

OLD GUY WITH HAT: "First the Death Panels, now this!? Bunch of no good terrorists! Over my dead body this Bill passes!"

NRA SPOKESPERSON: "We must inform congress that if this bill passes we will have no other choice but to begin attending any and all political events strapped to the gills with automatic assault rifles and any and all hand guns we can get our paws on!"

YOUNG GIRL: "Enough is enough! This is America, not Nazi Germany! We do not support an administration that has such little regard for life on the outlying coasts!"

NASCAR FAN: "In all my days I have seen many terrible bills pass through, but this one takes the cake! I won't stand for it! Who does this Obama think he is, president of the U.S. Weather Service?"


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