Letter to Representative Michelle Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann thinks prayer and fasting will “help” defeat health-care reform.

Representative Bachmann,
Is it your prayer that comforts those dying in Iraq as they pray to Allah?

Is it your pleading lips that stave off any future Afghan deaths?

Do you purse your lips and launch one up for those suffering on other continents?

For those convicted of a crime, have you a prayer?

Do you beseech God to help those without health-care?

Was it your prayer, as well,
that had our national guard killing and dying in Iraq
as Katrina threw down her watery hell?

Is it your prayer that lifts the spirit of a widow or fatherless child
that they might resist shattering themselves against empire?

Is it your request that brings food to the starving and medicine to the sick?

Is it your prayer that the unborn are saved, but not a death row convict?

Step back for a moment and you’ll see you’ve been dim sighted;
All your sanctimonious pleas and prayers have gone unrequited.

Perhaps, instead of playing to and praying with your feral base,
you should do the job you were elected to do in the first place...

Mark R. Prime


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