lords and ladies to the manor born

i was mowing my lawn last week and stopped to have a chat with my portly mailman. in the interests of disclosure, i, too, am a wee portly and i was mowing the side lawn that is a bit hilly. he looks at me as he handed me my mail and said, "you should hire someone to do that for you." my response was that if i did- how would i get any exercise?

so, i guess it came as little surprise to me- living in a country who outsources jobs and hires any manual labor job out to others and where the middle class pretends to own estates complete with servants- that the cia outsource the odious torture of terror suspects to mercenaries. it really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone as certain news outlets had begun commenting on the cia and their secret prisons back when the iraq war was in it's infancy.

i mean, really, should you be shocked that an agency who has operated secret prisons would torture folks? my biggest surprise is that the attorney general has decided to do anything at all about looking into abuses and illegalities. the theme of politics these days is to not hold anyone accountable for anything- and then pretend to apologize for wrongdoings while continuing them. i did find this part of the article particularly amusing though:

"The State Department also will play a more prominent role in overseeing transfers of suspected terrorists to other countries for interrogation, the official added. The department will help ensure that suspected terrorists are not abused or tortured."

oh, you mean the same state department who continues to utilize blackwater and other private contractors regularly in the middle east despite the horror stories? uh huh. the more there's supposed to be change out of the obama administration- the more it continues to look like a more polished and photogenic cheney administration.


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