To The Leaders!

Today, the Islamic Republic has no legitimacy, whatsoever. Students and workers are protesting in Tehran and across Iran, by the millions on a routine basis. The middle class have expressed their disgust with the regime by voting, in every so-called election, for the most anti-regime candidate on the ballot. Of course, by boycotting the last election (selection) resulted in a fanatical person, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In recent years, the Islamic Republic has gained even more strength by playing the “Islamic” card with human-rights watch groups. It has justified a plethora of human rights violations, enabling it to literally get away with murder in the name of “internal affairs of a Muslim nation” and has managed to instill even deeper fear in the people. They have consequently, created a nihilist country which has led to the recent explosion and uprising of the population. (Read the rest...)

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