To The Peace Tree contributors and readers...


All posts, everything, is now on The Peace Tree...

Dear readers and authors of The Tree,
I'm in the middle of shaking up this blog with a completely new look and a complete incorporation of all of the "Poetic Justice" blogs into one... The Peace Tree.

I will bring the whole kit and caboodle with me; Poetry, Plays, Head-Lines, Video, The Art of Peace, Photomontage and all of the wonderful work by the contributing authors; all integrated seamlessly, I hope, inside The Peace Tree.

It is due time that I commingle all of the blogs and begin to make somewhat of a bigger dent on the web alongside the many contributors which I consider to be among some of the best minds and hearts in the blogosphere.

More details on further plans in the coming months. I will be blogging full time on The Tree after I have successfully transferred all of the blogs. I expect the move to be underway tomorrow and completed by Saturday or Sunday. In the mean time, please bear with me and try to ignore the thump and clank of the heavy machinery.



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