not so instant gratification

i have not been following any news- so, i'll leave that in more qualified hands for now. :) i have been spending some quality time with my hubby and slowing life down for a few days- but, now, it's back into the action. winter is coming and i have odds and ends to do to winterize. and i really don't mind. i find that i have no trouble staying busy these days in spite of not working outside of the home. it's a full time job running my home and helping the fam with theirs. but, i do keep up with friends now and again- and i find i am running into a dilemma. i have old school friends who snail mail me with a letter now and again- and i like that. it's like a gift in the mailbox. i also have techie friends who prefer the texting, emailing and chatting. not a big fan of the instant chat. i have a few folks who still cling to the telephone- or cell phone- for their socializing needs and that's where i bog down.

i hate talking on the phone. no, that's not true. i hate talking on the phone when i have nothing whatsoever to say. it's ugly. i can talk on the phone with my mother for an hour at a time- it's actually more like a monologue than dialogue- but i have been finding that it's the folks i don't really care to talk to for any length of time who are reaching out to me via the phone. and many of them are on facebook. makes no sense. anyhoo, in the age of instant gratification, i put my foot down- i don't participate. i have enough stimulus in my life that i don't need any tweeting or google chatting or whatever.

send me a letter- and i'll send you a postcard :)


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