our culture is sick

i have not been feeling well lately. don't know whether it's the change of seasons or if i have the swine flu- but i just feel 'under the weather.' and, that got me to thinkin' about health care and the state that it's in. i don't go to the doctor. i won't unless i have to. i used to go- and i used to take clients when they needed or wanted to go- and it's funny but we all got similar answers for our ailments. the clients always had asthma and i always had a virus. and my poor mother was prescribed every drug that has ever been recalled from the market.


so, why should i bother to go? why should i plunk down $70 a visit to have them tell me to drink fluids and get plenty of rest? the folks with serious illnesses aren't so lucky. i don't know when the health profession turned corporate- perhaps with the rise of the insurance companies or maybe the hmos, but it is really indicative of a bigger problem in our culture. we really have stopped caring about each other.

i have the choice not to go to the doctor or hospital, but that doesn't mean i should take it away from someone else- and that medical care should be profit driven. i suppose it is pollyannish of me to believe that folks should be in the profession who genuinely want to save lives and not just make the big bucks. i don't know what it is going to take for americans to wake up and see the writing on the wall- our way of life doesn't work. perhaps for the entire system to collapse and for us to go back to local communities again. who knows?


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