the right to live- and die- the life we have been given

my husband and i subscribe to netflix- and while we do grab the occasional movie or two- we mainly catch up on television shows we think we might like. neither of us enjoy the extended commercials on network and cable. in fact, there can be much cursing heard in the betmo home when i am watching tv- especially when i flip the channel only to find more ads. but i digress...

we have caught up on several shows that actually are pretty good- battlestar galactica, the shield, deadwood- and most recently, we started season 3 of dexter. for those unfamiliar with dexter, the show is on showtime and season 4 is starting september 27th. dexter is a sociopath and serial killer and the show follows his life as he interacts- and kills- in the world around him. based on a novel as many of the good cinema is.

my point is going to euthanasia. in the most recent episode i watched, dexter assists one of his family friends with dying. she has terminal lung cancer and was placed in hospice struggling to breath and losing her body functions- and then her tumors slowed and the doctors gave her another month or more to 'live.' being catholic, she explains to dexter that she couldn't assist her husband- who had died a year earlier of lung cancer- and she couldn't kill herself because both were mortal sins. they would go straight to hell. but.... dexter wasn't catholic.... she said as she looked him straight in the eyes...

which brings me to my point- i find it extremely ironic that the right to lifers- christians, catholics, jews, muslims, etc., -think nothing of killing strong, vibrant, young folks on the cusp of their lives in pointless wars for profit- but will fight tooth and nail to force folks who are terminally ill and suffering beyond belief to live. teri schiavo comes to mind. i also find it extremely ironic that most folks- if you ask- say that they would never want to live in that kind of condition. i mean, what kind of life quality is that? and then turn around and vote for a pro life candidate to represent them.

there are complex end of life issues that should be talked about in a real and honest discussion- but they get pushed aside by the never ending babble about abortion. what is more important- discussing a life that hasn't developed yet- or discussing the wishes of a human being who has lived their life and wants to end with a bit of dignity? seriously. these issues need to be separated and they need open minds and hearts. in a so called modern and civilized culture, i find it repugnant that we still allow the backwards retreads to a different era to dominate our debates.


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